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Case Study: Solving High Nitrogen Use and Enhancing Tank Efficiency

The Challenge:

A plant observed excessive nitrogen consumption, leading to increased operational costs. Many storage tanks utilised nitrogen blanketing in the vapor space to control pollution and prevent vacuum-related damage. Some tanks had pressure relief valves that vented to vapour recovery systems, while others vented to the atmosphere, depending on the stored chemicals.

The Solution:

CVS was called to the site to assess if the pressure relief devices were responsible for nitrogen loss. During a thorough Tank Walk-Around, our engineers identified issues with the Pressure Relief Devices and worn seals, while Tank Blanketing Regulators were stuck in the open position. Immediate action was taken to address the leaks by re-conditioning the leaking seats and replacing worn seals. Tank Blanketing Devices were also cleaned, and o-ring seals were replaced.


The Outcome:

By promptly resolving the identified issues, CVS successfully mitigated high nitrogen usage. Pressure Relief Devices were now properly sealed, and Tank Blanketing Devices functioned as required. To ensure ongoing performance, a proactive maintenance program was introduced. All tank top equipment is inspected yearly, and every two years, the equipment is removed and tested, guaranteeing optimal efficiency and cost savings for the plant.

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