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Effective Tank Equipment Maintenance: Your Key to Reliability

At CVS, we firmly believe that scheduled maintenance is the most reliable approach to care for tank equipment and prevent potential issues.

Our comprehensive inspection covers all tank protection equipment, ensuring the function, performance, and integrity of each item. From Pressure & Vacuum Relief Valves (Breather Valves) to Emergency Relief Vents / Man-ways, Tank Gas Blanketing Valves (Pad/De-Pad Systems), and Flame Arresters (Flame Traps), we've got you covered.

You can opt for on-site or workshop-based service, tailored to your specific site requirements. While we recommend annual maintenance as a minimum, we understand that every process is unique and requires individual evaluation.

To determine the ideal frequency for your scheduled maintenance, we offer a 'tank walk-around.' This meticulous process allows us to identify common equipment issues, address areas of concern, and design a customised maintenance schedule moving forward.

With CVS's scheduled maintenance, your tank equipment remains in optimal condition, minimising downtime and maximising performance.


Contact us today for a proactive and reliable maintenance solution.

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